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This 351C is NOT "fresh"

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Printed Date: 16-June-2019 at 10:06AM
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Topic: This 351C is NOT "fresh"
Posted By: jbach72gts
Subject: This 351C is NOT "fresh"
Date Posted: 07-June-2018 at 3:19AM
Hello everyone,

I went to look at this short block last night. What a wasted road trip and a misrepresentation of the facts." rel="nofollow -

In my opinion:

The cylinder walls showed signs that the motor had been run for awhile (no ring ridge, but plenty of visible wear).

1 cylinder had a vertical scratch that looked like a ring had broken. You would have to bore this out at least 020 to clean it up....Then you're at 050 or possibly 060 over.

Other cylinders had some strange sort of dark stain on them that didn't come off with a rag or my fingernail. It was as if there was a chemical other than oil on them for a long period of time. Strange.

The lifter valley was (again, in my opinion) repaired.

This thing was definitely not "fresh".

I even wonder if it would be a reasonable core.

That was 4 hours I'll never get back. lol. 

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 07-June-2018 at 8:29AM
combustion stains above the top ring, it's been run since last hone

i recall the Sealed Power 2298P cast  / forged discussions, i have a set in one of my blocks and they've held up very well. i thought they were cast but they may be / probably might be forged? how's that for a decision! LOL if we knew the alloy that would help determine 'what they're made of' but the machined top is an indication that they're forged. cast usually remain rough cast on the tops

i can understand it wasn't what you thought it was represented to be, but IMO for a guy in a pinch it's likely worth $300 for the used internals to swap into another block if that one doesn't pass scrutiny $100-150 for a good crank and $200-250 for a set of pistons on rods isn't too bad ... but being ready to assemble w/no worries would be a whole lot better of a deal for sure

any mention what cam is in it, and what's going on in the valley?

72 GT Ute

Posted By: jbach72gts
Date Posted: 07-June-2018 at 8:49AM
I agree it was probably a good deal for the parts alone, but as he misrepresented the item from the get go I was skeptical after that.

The valley had what appeared to be epoxy added to one of the inside corners (can't remember if it was near the front or back) as if a piece of a former rod or piston tried to exit there. It resembled fiber glass in texture but was more grey and it didn't match the block material surrounding it.

When compared to another block he had sitting on the floor (which he wouldn't part with) it seemed to me the block he was trying to sell was repaired.

I've since looked at a few more pics of 351c blocks and don't see the same mod so I'm pretty sure the one he was selling was damaged/repaired.

Another thing that struck me was he kept saying "I have to get rid of one....I'm moving" yet when I asked about the block on the floor, he quickly declined to sell.

I could go on.... and may (what a great venue to vent).

At first, he played kinda "un-smart" (dare I say dumb) about things mechanical in general, but the more I pointed out about the block, the more he agreed the block should be "gone through" and even agreed it should be bored out.  For someone with so little engine/car knowledge he sure had a lot of tools in his garage.

I did ask about the cam and he thought it was stock.

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 07-June-2018 at 9:56AM
i suppose 'fresh' can be a relative term LOL

as in Fresh with a capital F!

he got it from somebody that may know the truth about how that scratch in the bore came to be, this seller really doesn't know if it smoked or had issues ... if his story is to be believed? or the combustion stains are from him finding out. add the putty in the corner and i'd probably pass too, with the same need to vent for non-disclosure and the wasted trip

if no damage on the crank, $300 would be the High side

72 GT Ute

Posted By: Big Bird
Date Posted: 07-June-2018 at 3:28PM
If the dark stains are what is showing in the second pic, they go below TDC and look like water sat in the cylinder for awhile.
But it is a "remote viewing" on an internet picture, so...

"What we do in full frontal view, is more honest than your cleaned-up mind."
1979 T-Bird
2005 F-150 STX RCSB 4.6, 3.55 LSD
How the Heck does a REGULAR CAB SHORTBED weigh over 5200 pounds?

Posted By: jbach72gts
Date Posted: 07-June-2018 at 11:49PM
Lesson learned: I'll ask more questions next time

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 16-June-2018 at 1:59PM" rel="nofollow -

72 GT Ute

Posted By: jbach72gts
Date Posted: 16-June-2018 at 2:38PM
Thank you, sir
I had been watching a low mileage (70k) rebuilable core on eBay. $389 shipped after a price drop. So I bought it. Should be here Monday. I've been calling local machine shops for prices.
Anyone know of a trustworthy reasonably priced machine shop in the Boston area?
Already spoke to Malden Machine and Bouchards in Rowley.

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 16-June-2018 at 3:48PM
i'll keep one eye open ;)

72 GT Ute

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 16-June-2018 at 4:58PM
these guys have an impressive website, no personal experience or recommendations i can point to but i think i've heard of them somewhere" rel="nofollow -

72 GT Ute

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 17-June-2018 at 12:32PM
Ducatista from the Pantera International page says,

"You have perhaps THE go to guy in the US up the street for anything Pantera.

Pat Mical, it doesn't get any better."" rel="nofollow -

72 GT Ute

Posted By: jbach72gts
Date Posted: 17-June-2018 at 10:30PM
I'll give them a call today.

Thanks again

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 18-June-2018 at 6:08AM
another PI int guy, nor'easter offered this

72 GT Ute

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