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First Project! Excited to learn from the best!

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Forum Name: The Welcome Mat
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Printed Date: 30-October-2020 at 6:56AM
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Topic: First Project! Excited to learn from the best!
Posted By: 1970Ranchero
Subject: First Project! Excited to learn from the best!
Date Posted: 14-September-2020 at 12:57PM
Hi All,

My name is Jack and I am new(er) to the world of the Ford Torino and vintage cars in general. 

I am 26 and excited to learn more about restoring classic cars, so I can't wait to learn from the collective community here (and possibly contribute something myself one day!).

I recently purchased a 1970 Ranchero that had languished in a Napa field for 30-35 years and is need of a complete mechanical restoration (cosmetics will come later when I ideally will have more $$ haha). 

Anyway, excited to join the community here and can't wait to learn from you all as well as share my project progress. Expect to see me blowing up the Technical Questions section....I promise I won't be too much of headache!  


Posted By: dan0R30
Date Posted: 14-September-2020 at 2:11PM
Welcome Jack! No better way to learn than to jump right in. Expect to get it wrong at times, learn from your mistakes, but always keep moving forward! You're going to have a blast. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.


1970 Ford Torino 2drHT - Original 351C 4V - FMX - 9" 3.00

Currently building: 429 CJ motor, D0VE-C heads ('71 model)

Posted By: californiajohnny
Date Posted: 14-September-2020 at 2:54PM
welcome jack Big smile dan's right !!! i too learned by doingWink

75 VEGA V6 5 SPD
70 CHEV C10 P/U

Posted By: 72 RS 351
Date Posted: 14-September-2020 at 2:58PM
Welcome to the world of old Ford parts hunting. Take plenty of pictures and get started learning about your new vehicle.

73 Ranchero GT 351C-4V 3.70 gears, to build a keeper
73 Ranchero Sport "72 front end", floor shift/console, planning EFI 351-3V &4R70W
92 Lincoln Mark VII SE, OBDII 347/4R70W

Posted By: 72FordGTS
Date Posted: 14-September-2020 at 3:23PM
Welcome Jack!  I upgraded you to new member so you have full forum access and can post some pics.  Good luck with your project, we will help you out as much as we can.


1972 Ford GTS Sportsroof - Survivor, One Family car Admin

Posted By: legend onirot
Date Posted: 15-September-2020 at 2:26AM
welcome jack.  cant wait to see your ride!

1973 gran torino sport (formal)... "Stacy Lynn"
1972 gran torino (formal)... "Mackenzie"
1973 gran torino sport (sportroof)... "Leela"

Posted By: Dubz
Date Posted: 15-September-2020 at 2:50AM
Welcome Jack!

1974 Gran Torino in flat black 351W/C6

Posted By: handsofstone
Date Posted: 16-September-2020 at 2:32PM
Hey Jack, looking forward to your project thread. I was in Napa many years ago by way of Greyhound.  When the sun came up I thought I was in Mayberry RFD. Is the town still locked in the 50s?

Posted By: texanrebel
Date Posted: 16-September-2020 at 11:05PM
Welcome Jack - I was in your shoes 2 years ago, this is the BEST place for advice / info. As 72 RS 351 states, take PLENTY of pictures. I have been guilty of taking a few, but not enough. You get to examining and disassemblying to the point that you can't remember exactly what goes back in a certain order etc...
Get you a set of Ford factory manuals, I live in mine

1972 Montego GT
1977 Mercury Monarch
1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

Posted By: 1970Ranchero
Date Posted: 17-September-2020 at 10:14AM
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I am glad to hear I am in the right place. I will be sure to add some photos when I get the chance. Excited to get this old girl back on the road!

And handsofstone - Napa still has a quaint old-school downtown feel to it. I will have to take the Ranchero back up there when itโ€™s roadworthy ๐Ÿ‘

Posted By: Steve M.
Date Posted: 17-September-2020 at 12:36PM
Welcome to the group. 

Steve M.

Posted By: handsofstone
Date Posted: 17-September-2020 at 1:59PM
At that time my band was heade back east with tails tucked and when we pulled into the bus station at 3AM, the driver said our gear wasn't on the bus.  We knew it was because we out everything onboard in Oakland. So the drummer heads to his relative's house and the guitarist/singer and I are hanging until the place opened to find out what the eff happened.  I was asleep on the bench when I woke up, the sun was already blazing and I swear it was like a scene from an old black and white movie. Then the bus pulls in and apologizes for not opening up the storage door because our gear was all right where we left it. He had turned around after the next stop when he saw our stuff. Everyone on the bus was pissed. So after another hour, the drummer shows up having had a shower and nice breakfast in the Cadillac we were driving back to Boston. You could cut the tension with a knife. 
  The trip back was something I could have written a book about. Anyway, sorry to hijack your thread. Lol

Posted By: 1970Ranchero
Date Posted: 18-September-2020 at 8:04AM
Haha, that's a great story!^

Posted By: Steve M.
Date Posted: 19-September-2020 at 11:06AM
@ Hands of Stone.  Wow. From 1975-1983 you could find me in the clubs spending almost all my take home pay. Did you ever play in Massachusetts during those years?  Yes, my '75 Gran Torino was painted like Starsky & Hutch back then.

Steve M.

Posted By: handsofstone
Date Posted: 19-September-2020 at 2:21PM
We played mostly parties. Not many of them either. We recorded demo tapes and stupidly picked up and left without putting in the hard work to do anything worthwhile. Had a dive rehearsal space and partied heavily with friends who brought friends. The bar sat 8. Lol

And I graduated in 82 so no bars at that age. Legally anyway.

Posted By: Steve M.
Date Posted: 19-September-2020 at 11:45PM
This Torino forum is great. Great people, great stories, great times and great cars! 

 Everything changed for me in 1983. Had an offer I couldn't refuse! 
 "Go in the Navy or go to jail!"

Steve M.

Posted By: Steve M.
Date Posted: 19-September-2020 at 11:46PM
Hey Jack, post pictures and ask questions. You're in the right place. 

Steve M.

Posted By: handsofstone
Date Posted: 20-September-2020 at 6:38AM
[QUOTE=Steve M.]This Torino forum is great. Great people, great stories, great times and great cars! 

 Everything changed for me in 1983. Had an offer I couldn't refuse! 
 "Go in the Navy or go to jail!"

Wise choice. Haha

I failed the hearing test twice and MEPS sent me home.  It turns out I get seasick too so the Navy saved a few dollars.

Posted By: Steve M.
Date Posted: 20-September-2020 at 11:16AM

Steve M.

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