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INFO:Front Fender Fastening Differences 1972 to 73

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Topic: INFO:Front Fender Fastening Differences 1972 to 73
Posted By: 72FordGTS
Subject: INFO:Front Fender Fastening Differences 1972 to 73
Date Posted: 11-November-2018 at 2:37PM
This thread will highlight the difference in how the front fenders on a 1972 Torino are festened compared to the 1973 and later Torinos.  All photos and information is provided by paj1965.  A big thanks for him for taking the time to post this information.
This shot shows the mounting points on the left side of the '72 body.  4 mounting points:  2 on the top, 1 on the front and 1 on the side above the door hinge. 

The next picture shows the corresponding mounting points 1, 2, and 3 on the left '72 fender. 
And here is a picture of the '72 left fender showing the mounting point 4 that mounts above the door hinge. 

The next set of pictures show the mounting points on the '73.  Again, there are 4 mounting points that are labeled 1, 2, 5, and 6.  Mounting points 1 and 2 are the same as mounting points 1 and 2 on the '72. Mounting points 5 and 6 are unique to the '73.
This picture shows the body mounting points.

This picture shows all 4 of the mounting points on the '73 left fender. 

Here is a better picture of mounting point 6 from below showing where it is relative to the hood hinge mounting points. 

This picture is a close up of mounting point 6 on the bracket that is unique to the '73.  This picture also shows the hole that has been drilled for mounting point 3 for the '72 fender. 



1972 Ford GTS Sportsroof - Survivor, One Family car Admin

Posted By: hogfiddles
Date Posted: 10-October-2020 at 12:35PM
so what do you do with mounting point 6 on a ‘73 body if you are putting ‘72 fenders on?  I’m gathering that the following apply:

1 - use as normal
2 - use as normal
3 - drill a hole (install a bolt with shoulder washer inside?)
4 - ? (‘73 fender doesn’t have the corresponding bracket)
5 - ignore (not available on on ‘72 body)
6 - ignore  (bracket not available on ‘72 fender)

So, there’s two common mounting points, and the 3rd is just drilling and hold and adding a bolt/nut.  Is there a modification needed for #4 and #6, do we really ignore them (in which case there’s only 3 mounting points, and then the fender braces and the header/light buckets/core support?etc......), or do we make a bridge from 4 to 6? Or create a #4 on the ‘73 body or #6 bracket on the ‘72 fender?


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Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 11-October-2020 at 3:16AM
putting 72 fenders on a 73 shell i would fabricate the bracket under the hood hinge mount area and add it onto the 72 fenders.
to make the job a lot bigger, harder, more involved you could swap the inner support from the 73 fenders to the 72 fenders.
or you could borrow the bracket from the 73 fenders and attach it to the 72 fenders but that would leave a good set of 73 fenders incomplete

i would also locate the #4 mount location and install a 'rivnut' there,
and use the 90* bracket to complete the 1972 #4 mounting point

i'd use both if possible

72 GT Ute

Posted By: 72 RS 351
Date Posted: 11-October-2020 at 3:29AM
I did my swap in 1989 so I don't remember what I thought of the mounting differences. I think I concluded it was not a big deal, but that was 31 years ago. Cutting and welding(swapping) the frame snouts was the one big deal.

I'll look at them again when I get to pulling both of my 73's apart next year.

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