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No power to anything

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Topic: No power to anything
Posted By: RalphKilling
Subject: No power to anything
Date Posted: 06-September-2021 at 1:47PM
I just pulled a 68 four door Torino out of a barn and trying to see what needs work I found that nothing works. No lights no horn key won’t engage starter no power to anything. I haven’t traced any wires around yet. I replaced fuses under dash but still nothing. I can engage starter by shorting the solenoid so there is power from the battery. Could bad grounds cause everything not to work at all? This is my first time posting and thanks in advance for any input. I hope to see this beautiful car on the road again soon.

Posted By: mkshelton
Date Posted: 06-September-2021 at 3:29PM
A car that has been sitting for a long time could have a myriad of reasons why it won't start. Look at the basics first. Check the ignition wires under the dash and under the hood for evidence of rodent damage. If you see anything frayed or chewed, your best bet is to run temporary wiring to the ignition controller. You should disconnect any wiring your not needing for it to run. If you got it to crank like it sounds you have, make sure there is some oil in the motor and take your time in moving along.
I'm not sure which color wire you need to go to the ignition module to energize it, I think its the yellow one.
Keep in mind there should be a shunt built in to that wire to limit voltage to the module.
From there, you need to check the basics, points, rotor, cap, plug wires.
You can check if your spark will ignite by spraying starter fluid.
Then move on to fuel. (old gas is likely bad and you will have to run from a temporary tank, probably should disconnect fuel line from old tank prior to trying to run so the pump/carb doesn't suck up any gunk.
Lots of points of potential failure on the fuel side of things, (pump, lines, filter, carburetor float valve, carb passages) 

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Posted By: RalphKilling
Date Posted: 06-September-2021 at 3:36PM
I’m not having an issue with it running my problem is I can’t get any electrical accessories to function. Like I said, no headlights, radio function, turn signals, buzzers or horn. I’m looking to find out if there is one thing that can fail that would cause all electrical power to go out. And I’ve looked under the dash and the hood for rodent damage and other than a hole on the front seat. But if there is one circuit that could cause the issues if severed then I’ll not rule out a chewed wire. 

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 06-September-2021 at 3:40PM
barn = mice

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Posted By: handsofstone
Date Posted: 06-September-2021 at 3:43PM
  Check grounds first. Then put a test light between a disconnected battery and the battery post. If the light has power without key on or a radio/clock running, there is a short somewhere. My bet is the one of the grounds or a  few are bad.

Posted By: RalphKilling
Date Posted: 06-September-2021 at 4:00PM
I used a multimeter and had 12.3 volts with positive battery terminal and my ground lead on the block, and the body in multiple locations. Was this accurate, is there another location I should check for good ground. Does the fuse box ground where it is mounted? If anyone has a wiring schematic that would be very helpful 

Posted By: californiajohnny
Date Posted: 07-September-2021 at 7:24AM
sounds like a main power wire...

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Posted By: 72 RS 351
Date Posted: 07-September-2021 at 11:35AM
Ditto, or a fusible link which are in a couple of places under the hood.

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