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Doing your own Body and Paint

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Printed Date: 22-March-2023 at 8:20AM
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Topic: Doing your own Body and Paint
Posted By: Wubbington
Subject: Doing your own Body and Paint
Date Posted: 07-July-2022 at 3:10AM
Not sure if this is the right place to post this but i'm a bit at my wits end. I've been searching for a year and a half for a body shop that will work on my Torino. Boneyard Builds in Leeds, AL ghosted me after stringing me along for a year and the only other firm quote i've received was $40K just for paint alone. Does anyone have any recommendations of body shops in the south east?

Pretty soon i may just try and tackle this myself even though I have no experience. If i have to go that route, does anyone have any good resources for getting started?


71 Green Formal Roof 302

Posted By: Wayner315
Date Posted: 07-July-2022 at 3:48AM
My path was to buy a MIG, practice and learn as I go. I did some minor patch work on family members vehicles as practice. I have a long way to go still, but between this forum, whether it's asking for tips or following the project pages, and Youtube/literature I'm confident that I'll get there. It's not going to get any cheaper to have someone do it for you and from what I'm reading it seems as though the real "craftsman" are fewer and fewer so all you need is patience and the desire to learn. And probably learn the hard way sometimes.

72 Gran Torino formal roof Brougham

Posted By: 72 RS 351
Date Posted: 07-July-2022 at 4:08AM
Ditto, the shops will almost all be about production and money. So the older cars are huge projects for them versus any later cars. Keep that in mind, plus concentrate on rust and other obsolete parts. Those will be the hardest issues to deal with, and the most time consuming.

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Posted By: jversch
Date Posted: 07-July-2022 at 5:18AM
Regul8r Carl Corey runs a shop and does great work .

Jerry VerSchneider
1972 Gran torino formal roof H Code
1973 Gran torino fast back H code.

Posted By: californiajohnny
Date Posted: 07-July-2022 at 12:34PM
 this is pretty much what i faced 40 years ago so i just started doing it and liked it and 40 years later still doing it 40k for paint isnt too far off the mark id say about 30k... people dont realize the amount of work required to do it correctly Angry
 " cheap labor aint skilled...skilled labor aint cheap"
 i dont do estimates as you always run into more work and customers will keep adding things! so i charge by the hour! + materials...

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Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 09-July-2022 at 5:58AM
Carls internet contacts" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -

72 GT Ute

Posted By: 78FordLtd2
Date Posted: 09-July-2022 at 7:39AM
The most underestimated part of any car project has to be paint and bodywork. It is that costly and labor intensive. It's probably the most expensive portion of the project and everyone can see the end results. Just about all bodyshops only accept insurance claim work only. They don't want someone's long term project taking up valuable space in their shop while that customer tries to come up with additional funds because of something unforseen or underestimated. It sucks, but that's the way it is.

You can do the bodywork and paint yourself and that's probably best as you will know exactly what was done and what was put into it. 

Posted By: 72FordGTS
Date Posted: 09-July-2022 at 11:48AM
We have some older threads with some information to give you an idea of the work involved.  They might be worth a read." rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -


1972 Ford GTS Sportsroof - Survivor, One Family car Admin

Posted By: Steve M.
Date Posted: 09-July-2022 at 1:09PM
Reputation is the key. Good quality is pricey but worth it. Patience and understanding will pay off in the end. Expect it to take more time than expected and cost more than you think. 

Steve M.

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