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Front End Alignment

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Printed Date: 21-September-2023 at 7:53AM
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Topic: Front End Alignment
Posted By: piper62j
Subject: Front End Alignment
Date Posted: 12-January-2023 at 5:09AM
Has anyone done their own front end alignment without using a shop?  The mechanics where I live are only good with the later vehicles and don't know how and don't have the proper tools to align cars from the 60's and 70's.  

Are there any DIY alignment tools you would recommend to do the job.. ?


Posted By: aquartlow
Date Posted: 12-January-2023 at 7:14AM

Since I've lowered mine quite a bit, I had to elongate the upper A-arm adjustment slots to get proper camber. That said, I used a tape measure, string lines, jack stands(to attach string lines just past rear tires) and a 24" digital degree level. Can't check caster with any type of accuracy, but it was done over 13 years ago and the front set(s) of tires always wear evenly(I do rotate from time to time). Good luck and have some patience, for every adjustment you make changes more than one thing usually. 

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Posted By: pyntre
Date Posted: 13-January-2023 at 3:27AM
I would be interested in this too !
The prospect of dropping any of my classics off at ANY garage 
keeps me awake at night !  
Imagine doing an alignment on a 4 post lift would make it even an easier process as access to tie rods would be ideal . 
If anyone else has success stories of do it yourself alignments
and the tools they used please add to this link !

Posted By: 72 RS 351
Date Posted: 13-January-2023 at 10:20AM
I have never been around any alignment work done at home etc, but some companies do make some tools to help with some of it.

Maximum Motorsports makes something to help with caster etc, made for late SN95 Mustangs using their TRE kits that space the TRE lower due to mixing parts(SN95 spindle on a Fox Mustang). So there should be some specialty tools to help with an at home alignment.

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Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 13-January-2023 at 11:55PM
i grabbed a set of these OTC 7091 doohickamajobs on the cheap a while back,
pretty sure they're for our cars although the world seems to have forgotten their true application years" rel="nofollow -

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Posted By: pyntre
Date Posted: 18-January-2023 at 11:49AM
I looked those caster tools up , seems they are for 77-79 era car . I wonder about that , how do you loosen the top control arm up and adjust stuff in fractional terms ? Just hit the control arm around till you get it where you want it ?! I like the idea of a threaded tool that would let you pull the arm fore and aft a few 1/6 “ at a time !

Posted By: piper62j
Date Posted: 18-January-2023 at 1:33PM
I bought these off EBay... It will make adjusting the caster and camber much easier.  All I need now is some sort of gauge that tells me what the angles are.. I'll keep looking.. there must be something out there.  

Posted By: 72FordGTS
Date Posted: 19-January-2023 at 10:15AM
Originally posted by piper62j piper62j wrote:

I bought these off EBay... It will make adjusting the caster and camber much easier.  All I need now is some sort of gauge that tells me what the angles are.. I'll keep looking.. there must be something out there.  

Which tool did you buy? The OTC tool above is supposed to be for 1979 and newer Panther cars. Not sure the will work on our Torinos.


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Posted By: californiajohnny
Date Posted: 19-January-2023 at 11:10AM
 when i had mine aligned he used a pair of those J hook tools but they didnt fit too good in the holes (could have been frame paint?) so he used a similar set for import cars??? hope these are the right? i grabbed them on ebay last night... snap-on...$40 couldnt go wrong i figured...?" rel="nofollow -

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Posted By: piper62j
Date Posted: 22-January-2023 at 9:43AM
These are the OTC 7091 adapters.. They didn't fit the holes in the frame, so I just opened them up with the next size up drill.  I'm looking into those bubble alignment magnets that are for sale all over the place.. I've got a book with all the alignment specs, just don't have all the tools.   YET!

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