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Just joined

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Category: General Discussion
Forum Name: The Welcome Mat
Forum Description: New members, please post here and introduce yourselves
Printed Date: 28-February-2024 at 6:25AM
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Topic: Just joined
Posted By: missing linc
Subject: Just joined
Date Posted: 29-September-2023 at 3:54PM
Hello all

I have just joined this group, a longtime Ford fanatic, though I have owned everything from AMC to Yamaha in my life. 
I currently own a 1997 Thunderbird LX with a 4.6, a 1990 Bronco Eddie Bauer 5.0, a 2002 Taurus wagon with the DOHC 3.0, a 1976 Pontiac Ventura, 2 owner car with 42k original miles, and a 75 Dodge Dart Sport 360.
I've owned about 140 cars, trucks and motorcycles over the last 45 years, including several Torinos, mostly 74 to 76 models.

I look forward to being part of this group.

Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: spriegel
Date Posted: 29-September-2023 at 4:14PM
Welcome to the forum!

Fairview, PA
'1973 Ford Gran Torino

Posted By: californiajohnny
Date Posted: 29-September-2023 at 9:45PM

75 VEGA V6 5 SPD
70 CHEV C10 P/U

Posted By: 72FordGTS
Date Posted: 30-September-2023 at 8:35AM
Welcome to the forum Randy! Sounds like you have some pretty cool cars. I have upgraded you to a full member so you have full forum privileges. 


1972 Ford GTS Sportsroof - Survivor, One Family car Admin

Posted By: missing linc
Date Posted: 30-September-2023 at 8:49AM

Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: 72 RS 351
Date Posted: 30-September-2023 at 4:06PM
Welcome, bring on the long list of cars and stories.

73 Ranchero "Sport 72 front end", floor shift/console, planning EFI 7000+ rpm 351-4V &4R70W
73 Ranchero GT 351C-4V &4R70W for sale later.
92 Lincoln Mark VII SE GTC, OBDII 347/4R70W

Posted By: missing linc
Date Posted: 01-October-2023 at 6:15AM
Well, since you asked for it, I'll start with the first car I remember working on. At the age of 9 or 10 my dad brought home a 1964 MGB roadster and a 1971 Mercury Meteor Rideau 500, at around the same time. The Mercury had a 351C with a couple of burnt valves, while the MGB's engine was seized. My dad was always a Ford guy, though he did occasionally delve into other makes. (I often wondered if he did that only to make sure that he had something to complain about, since he generally hated most others)

We pulled the head off the MGB's 4 banger, (ok, he did while I watched and tried to make myself useful), as well as pulling the heads off the Mercury and sending them to the neighborhood machine shop. (Remember those?) 
The MGB was treated to a thorough soaking of diesel fuel, followed by a generous application of a wooden block, driven by a hammer on each piston head until the engine turned freely. The engine was then reassembled and actually ran pretty good, until he over revved it and bent a pushrod or two. That MGB was the first car that I actually "drove", backing it out of the garage one day, and right into the front bumper of the now repaired family car 1971 Mercury, at the ripe old age of 10. 

The MGB was sold off, much to my mother and older brother's dismay, and the Mercury was eventually traded for a new 1973 Dodge D100 pickup and slide-in camper.

Fast forward a couple years when at 15 I bought my first car, a 1967 Dodge Charger, 318 automatic with 4 bucket seats and a full length console, and plenty of bondo. I sold that car a few weeks before my 16th birthday and bought a 1968 Ford Fairlane 500 2 door formal roof with a 289 2V and C4. It looked a lot like this, except for the hood scoop.

Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: missing linc
Date Posted: 01-October-2023 at 6:49AM
Sadly, that Fairlane met it's demise when a drunk driver in a square body Chevy truck skidded through a stop sign on a cold winter afternoon and t-boned it right behind the left rear wheel. Being 16 and not very experienced yet, I let the insurance company write it off and bought a 1972 Pontiac Parisienne 4 door p.o.s. with a 350 2V as I needed a car to get to school and work. 

A few months later, after I had been working full time over the summer, I bought my first Gran Torino, a 1974 Brougham, 2 door, with a 351W, cloth split bench seat, and very little else for options. First month back at school, I was on my way home when a kid in a 1969 Mustang Grande pulled a U-turn in front of me and I slammed into the left side of that car, totaling both. 

This time, I elected to keep the Torino, still feeling burned by the insurance company over the 68 Fairlane, and bought another one with the settlement payout, then replaced the entire front clip from the 76 Gran Torino parts car, and getting my 74 completely repainted, with some cash to spare. I sold the 76 parts car to a local auto wrecker for what I had paid for it, there was still a lot of good parts left, but I had no place to keep it, and more cash is always good, especially at 17!

I drove the wheels off of that 74 GTB for the next couple of years, replacing the timing chain, water pump, rear differential, and fuel pump along the way, also rebuilding the FMX and carburetor. I eventually wrecked it again, this time bending the frame, and parted it out.

Next up was a 1966 Galaxie 500 2 door hardtop that my 2 brothers had passed back and forth a couple times. By the time I bought it, the 289 2V had been ditched in favor of a stout 351C 4V that sported 11 to 1 compression and a wild cam. First order of business was to swap out the crazy cam for a more moderate "Q" code cam as gas quality was getting pretty poor by that point, and I needed it to be a daily driver. I grenaded the 4.11 geared differential in the first month, replacing it with a friendlier 3.50 ratio instead. That car won a hell of a lot of street races before the FMX transmission blew up. When I discovered that the frame was rusted out, that was the end of that car, I bought a 1968 LTD 2 door formal roof, thinking I would either swap powertrains or frames, but the 68 had a soft frame too, so I sold it and traded the 66 in on a 1981 Mustang Ghia with a tire melting 255 2V automatic, talk about a letdown!

By now, it's summer 1984, and in Ford showrooms are 20th Anniversary Mustang GT350s. I was completely smitten by the convertible version, but couldn't afford it at the time so I settled for a hatchback GT350 instead, 5.0 4V 5 speed, right off the showroom floor. Within 5000 miles, the rear tires were almost bald, so I rotated them, and in another 5000 miles , all 4 tires were pretty much done. By this time, I was able to swing the purchase of the last remaining convertible GT350, also a 5.0 4V 5 speed car, (one of 587 built), and drove that one off the showroom floor on a bitterly cold January 16, 1985. 

Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: missing linc
Date Posted: 01-October-2023 at 6:55AM

Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: missing linc
Date Posted: 01-October-2023 at 7:31AM
The above image is of the second GT350 convertible that I owned from 2011 to 2017, also a 5.0 4V 5 speed car.

The first GT350 convertible was only with me for a scant 6 months, I lost my job and was forced to sell that car as I could no longer make the payments.

I had purchased another 74 GTB 2 door in the fall of 1984, as a winter beater, and was now using it as a daily driver. It was a 302 2V car with a C4, cloth split bench seats, and few other options, but it was solid and dependable. When the transmission blew, I found a low mileage 72 GTB 4 door with a 302 and C4, and swapped out the tired 302 in my 74 for the 40k mile 72 engine and transmission. The 72 GTB, while it was in excellent overall shape, had been damaged in a garage fire, and I felt was not repairable.

Along the way there had been a 1978 Yamaha 650 Special that gave way to a brand new 1980 Yamaha XS1100, which was also totaled by a suspected drunk driver in a hit and run that left me with a broken right leg a week after my 19th birthday. Also in the mix were a 1973 AMC Ambassador 2 door with a 360 2V, a 1971 Pontiac Laurentian 4 door, 350 2V, a 1966 Chrysler New Yorker 440 4V, a 75 GTS 351M with buckets and console, plus a ton of rust, and a 1978 F250 300 I6, none of which were around for more than a month or two.

Back on my feet financially, I bought a new Honda V65 Sabre motorcycle, that was in the shop for repairs for the most of the first 3 months of ownership, until I complained enough that the dealer agreed to give me a different V65 Sabre, which also had it's share of issues, all electrical problems and was sold soon after, leading me to a 1981 Kawasaki 750 LTD motorcycle, and then to a 1983 Kawasaki 1100 LTD bike.

Around this time, my daily driver car was a 1977 Dodge Aspen station wagon, 318 2V automatic with a/c and power windows! That Aspen was actually a really good, reliable car and got me through  couple of winters.

The Aspen died when the transmission blew, and I bought a 1979 LTD II Brougham, 2 door 351W 2V with cloth split bench, a/c, tilt, cruise, and power windows. That was a great car, ran excellent, never let me down, but was replaced when a 1977 Firebird caught my eye, 350 Pontiac engine, with a 4V carb and automatic, plus a/c, power windows and locks. Had lots of fun with that one, but it too was soon replaced by a 1976 Old Cutlass Supreme 2 door, originally powered by a 260 2V, I quickly dropped in a 350 Rocket Olds motor, and drove that one for a couple years before being drawn into the Mopar world, thanks to a 1970 Dart GT that I acquired through a trade for a 1971 F100 that had fallen into my hands for almost nothing.

Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: missing linc
Date Posted: 01-October-2023 at 7:54AM
That 70 Dart GT was powered by a tired 318 and 904 automatic trans, but it had a set of 340 "J" heads, and matching 4V intake with a big Thermoquad carburetor. I picked up a freshly rebuilt 318, .030 over, and made the swap, keeping the 2V carb and 318 heads intact at first, but found myself missing the extra power of the bigger valve 340 heads and that old Thermoquad howling at WOT. After grenading the tiny 
7 1/4 differential the third or fourth time, a friend of my brother persuaded me to sell him the Dart, and I bought a 1978 GMC 1/2 ton, 350 4V automatic, and more rust. 

That truck took me across the country and back, during which time I found my next 1970 Dodge Dart, this one a Custom trim level, 2 door 318 2V with a 904 automatic transmission. That car was with me for over 20 years, after being fully restomodded with a mild .040 over 360 and 727 automatic transmission, full restoration and paint, upgraded interior to cloth high back buckets and console from the original vinyl bench seat/column shift configuration. It also featured a full 3 inch exhaust system, 3.23 geared 8 3/4 rear axle, manual front disc brakes, subframe connectors, Edelbrock Air Gap intake and 750 Performer carburetor, and upgraded factory Chrysler electronic ignition, plus cruise control. I drove that car daily from April until late October for many years, drag raced it regularly, (best time of 13.78 seconds @100mph on drag radials), and took it on the Hot Rod Power Tour in 2005, long hauling all the way to Kissimmee Florida.

The restoration of that 1970 Dart resulted in me purchasing 13 parts cars, as there were no reproduction parts available for that car until the early 2000s when 1/4 panel skins became available. In that time I also owned a 1974 Dart Sport 360, triple black car, sold to finance the completion of the 70 Dart, and a 1975 Dart Sport 360, also a triple black car, but too far gone to restore, it donated it's freshly built engine and transmission to the cause.

During this time, there were numerous other cars that came and went, but for today, that's all, I will pick this up again later.

Thanks for following along!


Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: Wayner315
Date Posted: 02-October-2023 at 3:05AM
Hi. Welcome, great cars and stories. Whereabouts in Alberta are you located? I'm up in Grande Prairie.

72 Gran Torino formal roof Brougham

Posted By: missing linc
Date Posted: 02-October-2023 at 1:20PM
I'm in Lethbridge

Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: Wayner315
Date Posted: 03-October-2023 at 3:06AM
Cool. Good to know. There's only a few Albertans on here. If you're ever up here hit me up for a beer if ya want. I'm in the weeds of body work with my 72. Your note about having 13 parts cars is crazy. I was looking to buy number 3 a couple weeks back but there's just no space.

72 Gran Torino formal roof Brougham

Posted By: Neal
Date Posted: 03-October-2023 at 3:16AM
Welcome to the forum.Wink

1972 Gran Torino Sport

Posted By: f2892704
Date Posted: 03-October-2023 at 12:19PM

Posted By: missing linc
Date Posted: 28-January-2024 at 11:29AM
Well, it's been a bit longer than I expected since my last post, life gets in the way of everything it seems.
I sold my 75 Dodge Dart Sport in late October, just no motivation to continue on with it, I guess age and arthritis are catching up to me. 

In addition to all those mentioned prior, I have owned;

1971 Ford Galaxie 500 4 dr
1972 Pontiac Parisienne 4 dr
1978 Mazda GLC
1982 Ford Fairmont 2dr
1978 Plymouth Fury s/w
1983 Mercury Cougar LS 5.0
(2) 1987 Thunderbird 3.8 V6
1987 Thunderbird 5.0
1988 Thunderbird LX 3.8
1973 GMC p/u
1979 Chevy p/u
(2) 1980 GMC p/u
1981 GMC p/u
1982 Chevy p/u
1984 Chevy p/u
1979 Mercury Marquis 2 dr 5.8
1980 Ford Crown Vic 2 dr 
(2) 1987 Toyota Camry
1988 Toyota Camry
(2) 1977 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2 dr
1976 Dodge Aspen 4 dr
1986 Subaru XT Turbo Coupe 4wd
1980 Olds Cutlass Calais
1983 Dodge Aries s/w
1985 Dodge Aries 4 dr
1983 Plymouth Turismo
1983 Chevy Monte Carlo
1975 Chrysler Cordoba
1972 Plymouth Fury 2cdr
1973 Plymouth Fury 4 dr
1975 Dart Swinger
1976 Dart Special Edition
1980 Cadillac Sedan d'Ville diesel
1981 Olds Delta 88 Royale Brougham 4 dr
1983 Olds Delta 88 Royale Brougham 4 dr
1985 Olds Delta 88 Royale Brougham 4 dr
1991 Ford Econoline 150 
1995 Ford Econoline 150 5.8
1987 Dodge Ramcharger 2 wd
1984 Lincoln Towncar
(2) 1994 Olds Cutlass Ciera
1992 Olds Cutlass Ciera
1987 Olds Cutlass Ciera
1981 Honda Goldwing
1987 Lincoln Mark VII LSC
1999 Chrysler Sebring convertible
1993 Thunderbird LX 3.8
1987 Ford F150 reg cab p/u
1987 Mercury Grand Marquis 4 dr
2002 Ford Explorer
(2) 2003 Ford Explorer
(2) 2004 Ford Explorer
1992 Ford F150 s/cab 4 wd 5.8
1994 Chevy Camaro
2001 Saturn L300
2001 Chevy Malibu
1998 Toyota Tercel
1997 Ford F150 supercab 4 wd p/u
2002 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
1997 Buick LeSabre
2003 Ford F150 Supercrew 4 wd p/u
1983 Mustang GLX coupe
1983 Mustang GLX hatchback
1995 GMC 2500 ext cab p/u
1996 Mercury Sable s/w
1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6
2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
2005 Dodge Magnum R/T hemi
2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
1972 Plymouth Duster
2007 Mercury Grand Marquis
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab 4 wd
2011 Chevy Camaro 2SS
2013 Mustang GT convertible

That's pretty much all that I can remember at least, I know there were a few others, but that's the lion's share. I have no doubt that other members have also a good number of cars and trucks as well, it seems to be a sickness for many of us.

Cars are meant to be driven, not hidden away collecting dust.

Posted By: Eliteman76
Date Posted: 31-January-2024 at 6:00PM
Welcome to the forum. And BTW...props to you for that signature line! 

Andrew:GTS.ORG admin, '72 Q code 5 speed Restomod
Pondering: #99Problems

Posted By: californiajohnny
Date Posted: 31-January-2024 at 6:19PM

75 VEGA V6 5 SPD
70 CHEV C10 P/U

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