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Identify this missing part - cowl drain

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Topic: Identify this missing part - cowl drain
Posted By: Grande Verde
Subject: Identify this missing part - cowl drain
Date Posted: 10-August-2010 at 8:16AM
On my 72 the cowl side drains used to have  metal covers that attached to the sides. Mine are long gone and all that is remaining is a couple chunks of metal with screws. Can anyone get me a picture of what the missing pieces (one on each side) look like?

Heres a pic of my my car

Posted By: picon3
Date Posted: 10-August-2010 at 9:32AM
I can't be sure, but I think that is a non-factory repair because the area between the two arrows should be factory metal.  I suspect that someone was trying to solve a problem with some type of metal that they screwed in that then rusted out.  Maybe someone else can confirm?  Paul~

1972 GTS 351CJ-4V black/black

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 10-August-2010 at 10:29AM
that's more than i had left, all i got was the screws but yeah those bits are porobably what's left that used to hold the rubber. i'm curious what they're supposed to look like too. maybe there's a pic in the factory manual... i'l take a look in a bit
i suspect that the rubber helps hold debris in the cowl, i'm thinking maybe adding a little scupper/conductor head & downspout so the water doesn't just run down the sides
how does yours look inside? i'm almost ready to button mine back up

Posted By: VorbottenO
Date Posted: 10-August-2010 at 3:05PM
There is a piece of metal that is bent about 90 degrees that ran between these screws. It was used to hold in a piece of rubber sheet that acted as a splash shield for water coming out of the cowl area. I just put my fenders back on so I cannot get a photo for you.

72GTS-Ncode (429-477ci)

Posted By: picon3
Date Posted: 10-August-2010 at 3:25PM

Wow, it's been so long since I broke down my car that I had forgotten about that useless piece of rubber that ended up backing up debris and rotting out the area in your photograph.  Eric's right and clearly my memory is failing me. 

What I did was have Tino at the body shop open that area up a bit further, smooth it out and called it good.  I didn't try to fabricate anything or replace the rubber bit because I wanted any water to be able to flow out as fast and easy as possible.  Paul~

1972 GTS 351CJ-4V black/black

Posted By: torkair
Date Posted: 10-August-2010 at 6:46PM
Best to remove the rubber flapper there, it just gets hard with age then holds all kinds of debris in there to rot out the cowl even more.

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Posted By: Eliteman76
Date Posted: 11-August-2010 at 2:46PM
As mentioned already, it's just a basic flat piece of rubber. I have a pair, was going to sand blast and put them back on the car, but the rubber was dry rotted, so I left mine off.
I would just clean up the ends of the cowl, treat the rust, and move on. 

Andrew:GTS.ORG admin, '72 Q code 5 speed Restomod
Pondering: #99Problems

Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 11-August-2010 at 3:19PM
i can't find a pic of them in the manual, it just shows the cowl metal in the section showing where the seam sealer locations are and no mention of the rubber pieces at all unless i'm not looking in the right place
the center drain rubber boot above the trans bell was still there on mine, the opening is shrunk almost closed. i can't see putting it back on the way it is

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