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Strange cooling line

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Topic: Strange cooling line
Posted By: ankarback
Subject: Strange cooling line
Date Posted: 18-November-2010 at 8:40AM
I've started to dissamble the engine for the restoration and came across this. Can someone tell me why there's a cooling line going trough a spacer under the carburator??? I have never seen anything like it before. I have two books about the FE engine but none of them have any picture of or mention this.

Posted By: ilyes
Date Posted: 18-November-2010 at 9:30AM
never saw it before, it seems to have the function to cool down the the carb, like an air gap, but to make it work correctly, it should be plug at the bottom of the radiator, as like in the pic, when the water reach it, it's already around 200*, so it's way to hot

Posted By: stanman
Date Posted: 18-November-2010 at 12:45PM
I think it's more likely to be taking hot water to the base of the carb to prevent carb icing in colder climates, of which your's (and mine) is one.Wink Does the nipple on the back of the carb plate connect to the heater core?

Posted By: GranTorinoSport
Date Posted: 18-November-2010 at 6:56PM
It is a Ford factory installation, and it has a name. The proper name for that escapes me now (i'll think of it), but was (as said above) a system to influence air/fuel inlet temps.

My father's (formerly Great-Grandfather's) 1966 F-100 had this (352 engine).

I want to say "Thermactor", but I think that was something else...

Scott Eklund


Posted By: ankarback
Date Posted: 18-November-2010 at 8:08PM
Thanks for the info guys Smile. I think the the connector at the back of the plate connects to the heater core but it wasn't connected when I got the car so I don't now for sure.
I know that the car originally came from Canada so as you say it is probably something  for cold climates. The question is if I should leave it on the engine? I'm only going to drive the car during the summertime. Do I need another spacer if I remove this one?

Posted By: stanman
Date Posted: 19-November-2010 at 12:32AM

I think you could just by-pass the carb base and run the heater hose directly from the intake to the heater core. However, in climates like our's, carb icing can occur at temps above freezing. It has a lot to do with air velocity and humidity combining to form ice if I understand it correctly. I know I've had it happen a few times in the past when carbs were more popular. So, for those early spring and fall drives, I'd leave it alone. Just my 2 kronor Big smile

Posted By: Psquare75
Date Posted: 19-November-2010 at 3:12AM
Lots of new cars have that on their throttle bodies. It's to prevent carb plate icing. 

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Posted By: ankarback
Date Posted: 19-November-2010 at 7:13AM
2 kronor, thats a good one Wink I haven't decided yet if I'm going to replace the intake manifold with a aluminium intake (maybe an edelbrock). If I do that I'll take this thing off otherwise I think I let it be.


Posted By: stanman
Date Posted: 19-November-2010 at 10:18AM
An aluminum intake would be a great idea. Those cast ones are HEAVY! As well as saving weight, the aluminum intake will, as you know, increase performance.

Posted By: Regul8r
Date Posted: 19-November-2010 at 11:18AM
yup it is there to get heat in the carb faster when it is cold.

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Posted By: Rockatansky
Date Posted: 22-November-2010 at 12:11AM
i had a 68 Montego 302-2V that had the carb heater plate, it also had the remains of the vacuum operated 3-way heater control valve on the firewall that i never did figure out. probably the heater controls inside the car could route hot coolant through the carby base on a certain setting and block it when not needed.

Posted By: GranTorinoSport
Date Posted: 22-November-2010 at 6:17AM
On my 71 F-250 I junked the old cast iron manifold on the 360, and put on an Edelbrock Performer (#2105). No complaints, very nice manifold.

And it was something like 15 pounds, where as original Ford FE manifolds were 75-85 lbs depending on the manifold.

Scott Eklund


Posted By: ankarback
Date Posted: 22-November-2010 at 6:51AM
I'm thinking of doing that too. It depends a bit how much else I have to replace on the engine to make it run again. My budget is a bit limited Unhappy. It's a lot to do, I made an update to the tread in the Project forum.


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