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Finally back from e-coating

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Topic: Finally back from e-coating
Posted By: dspring107
Subject: Finally back from e-coating
Date Posted: 26-February-2011 at 5:33PM

We'll i picked up car on friday. all i can say its amazing! not sure if it was worth the wait.
they had since nov. let me know what you think.

Posted By: legend onirot
Date Posted: 26-February-2011 at 6:26PM
pictures are kinda small.  but it looks great.  your car is gonna be black?  in lousiana?  it will be an oven...

Posted By: 73 GT Sport 429
Date Posted: 27-February-2011 at 1:26AM
I didn't know that anyone e-coates old cars. whats the process? Acid dip first? How expensive is it? What color are you painting it?


original owner-93 Lightning
73 Gran Torino Sport 429 (prodigal son)

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 27-February-2011 at 2:19AM
Legend the E-coating is black. Ever see new body parts on a car and they dIdn't paint it yet and it is black?that is e-coat primer which is electrostatic charged application of primer.At the factory they dip the body in a vat of primer and the metal has a wire running to it which electro charges the part or car in this case and the liquid is drawn to the metal and sticks and why you donKt see runs all over when it comes out of the primer bath as the rest just washes off when it is lifted out. Any body filler work has to be done after the e-coat and that e-coat primer when dipped get's in every nuck and granny in the car body and preserves it from rusting and they dip the body in a acid bath first to remove the paint,rust,fillers and seam sealers. So the metal is clean and bare stell before it get's e-coated with primer.Now all the seam sealers and bodywork have to be applied to insure moister duesn't sit in the seam cracks as it can still cause rust latter and bodywork has to be done to anywhere it is not smooth and straight like the quarter seams as they were leaded in back in the day and at times somewhat wavy if thd person wasnLt having a good day or it was done on Friday just before the shift ended.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 27-February-2011 at 2:37AM
The acid dip then e-coat dip is the best way to preserve a classic car but there are not alot of places that do it and not every state may have a shop as the huge amounts of chemicals in those huge tanks is hazardous materials and very costly to have in a bjilding as permits are not cheap and all the regulations involved in getting it set up and approved and not to mention the cost of filling the acid and e-coat tanks that have to be topped off from time to time so it is not a cheap process to have done unless you have a rust free straight body it really isn't worth thd expense as the metal repair and filler work has to be done after that process and if you cut & weld and ofcoarse have to grind the e-coat off the area that you do that to to replace any rotted metal you basically defeat the purpose as you unsealed the metal and exposed it to air which is the number one cause of rust to bare steel cause the air can contain moisture[ie humidity) which causees the corrosion process to begin. Ideally you do all metal replacement before taking ot to be acid dipped and e-coated then only seam sealer and body fillers are needed to finish off the body and that gets applied over the e-coat after you scuff it up but not sand thru.

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